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ok heres the latest updates from DJ AZ Productions
23rd july 2017 
wow what a amazing last 7 months been very busy sold hundreds of cds given away thousands of copies FREE digital albums produced a new album started a new job filmed videos on youtube won a playstation 4 and lots of other stuff!!!

we have been so busy we have not had time to update the website anyway heres the update
someone has been stupid enough to report my music page to soundclick so it is currently under review because of this you will need to phone up or email to get hold of the music for sale and free as our website had the free downloads so email for music or call us on 07990626729 (uk)
next update soon!
18th feb 2016

Lots of things going on with DJ AZ Media at the moment youtube channel is going well lots of videos being uploaded and the blog is being updated and produced all the time to see the blog click the link posted in this update also new music coming very soon 3 new albums due to be released this year! you can buy all of them and download them by getting in touch via facebook or twitter check out all the other things we are up to by going on twitter which is updated weekly facebook is now updated weekly on the DJ AZ page and the profiles so keep a eye on them for all the updates about DJ AZ and hobsons choice photography essex and the essexmole youtube channel 
the blog page is

24th november 2015 
so its been a busy few months here at DJ AZ productions the latest tracks from DJ AZ are uploaded to gateway 2 is a work in progress survival is officially released so get your copy today!
we have been rather busy with other commitments mainly family and work so getting time to update the website and produce music has been quite limited but we are working very hard on a lot of projects so watch this space more updates every month from now on as this site is not updated enough but we did forget the password lol
we have other projects including a photography project you can see this at 
add the facebook to get in touch also dont forget skype which is on nearly 24 hours a day most of the time djazproductions twitter is still @djazproductions for the photography twitter its @angliabutterfly 

new music will be coming this month also podcasts and new mixes 

20th may 2015
Wow what a year this has been so far!
since the last update we have been working on a lot of music thats when the website has not been updated since oct last year god thats bad!
anyway the new track "x array" has been uploaded to
as always so please check it out
DJ AZ has been working very hard on the new album and some extra hot unreleased tracks so you will want to get hold of those but only if you get in touch or follow on twitter will you get the exclusive tracks!!! these will not be uploaded to the internet they will be sent to you DIRECT now thats exclusive so get in touch via twitter @djazproductions or email for more info on the tracks and to get your hands on them!!!

10th october 2014 

so its been a couple of months since the last updates but we have been very busy changing computers around producing podcasts tracks and recording shows so at the moment we are putting the finishing touches to those in the office.
DJ AZ album was meant to be released on august 25 to 27 but due to a few problems with our computers we were unable to upload it to the internet but it will be online very soon once we have finished transferring from one computer to the other.
on the other hand you will have lots of fresh new podcasts to listen to as we have recently recorded 4 new podcasts to cover from the last update via spreaker so those will be on the facebook shortly link to contact via facebook is on the contacts page 

our sales have reached a good high at the moment which is good for us as we can put the resources into other areas of DJ AZ Media such as youtube videos advertising new equipment and of course paying the artists that have had the music sold by us 

we now also run a photography website as the owner has had a passion for photography for a long time so to check that out just go
thats all for the latest news and info from DJ AZ Media group please come back and check out all the latest updates on this page or follow our twitter for news and info on the go!! details on contact page or if you prefer just call us or contact via zello on android or ios free app username is m3zzn just add it and chat to us free worldwide

 July 27th 2014

Hello everyone thanks for looking at the website.
It has been a very busy few months for us here at DJ AZ Media with new computer systems running coverting to linux recording podcasts making videos and doing reviews.
So we thought we had better give the website a bit of a update. All the updates are coming along nicely but a tad slowly so we will try and getr these done before we record the summerfest mixes for 2014!! these are going to be some of the biggest summer tracks that you will hear on the internet.
Some of our old contacts have been in touch giving us there new tracks to albums they have just finished recording so loads of new tracks to promote and put into the podcasts and shows.
on top of all this DJ AZ has been working really hard on new tracks and the long awaited new album will be released for the august bank holiday weekend!!!.
thats the new for now the website will have another change to give it a summer theme.

april 5th 2014 UPDATE
we are getting many emails and calls regarding our free advertising so keep them coming in also the website is going to be getting more updates the chatroom and links are being checked the new podcasts and photos will be uploaded also
all these updates and the updates below are still on going.
feb 15th 2014
feb update for DJ AZ Productions
this month the website will be undergoing alot of updates including a new chatroom new links new photos videos and podcast links also a live feed from streamline fm!
so hopefully thats what going to happen we may also have a new website being built this is currently being looked into and in the future we will have a android app and better mobile website
we are still looking for new people to join the website and help us with our marketing any social media help or website links would be great
4th jan 2014 
happy new year to all the visitors!!
so heres the jan update 
this year is going to be bigger and better for DJ AZ Media we are going to be working longer on tracks and release at least 2 albums there has been a delay on the latest one as a few problems with computers and other things so we are going to make sure that its the 1st release of the year!! hopefully the 2nd release will be a summer session then we will be doing a winter edition a xmas special and new years eve special mix mash up

so this years events will be big and better than the last streamline fm will be making a big comeback this year as we have been experimenting with linux so we can broadcast on there as well so with a bit of luck thats what we will be doing keep it here for the latest news or just go on our twitter and follow us or add on facebook 

6th november 2013 
we will be adding a new page to the website soon about all the artists djs music producers etc that we promote sell distribute etc so keep your eyes on the website for details hopefully the website will get a full revamp and we will be getting a full domain in the near future 
regarding streamline fm we apoligise to all our fans and listeners about us being off air for a long time we will be still recording our podcasts and mixes to upload and for free downloads we will be back on the air live very soon after we have a equipment update new computer, mics, music etc so that we can get it ready for you all to hear

17th august 2013 
we are now offering digital downloads on all our items including free music just for contacting us about a service we provide get on our mailing for exclusive 1st listen before international upload release use contact page for more information this site has had a few updates more to come in next few weeks including facelift and more items on homepage and re adding of the chatroom and radio player for streamline fms podcasts and recorded shows 
27th june 2012
latest update you can log into our website with facebook 
we have changed our facebook fanpage to
twitter is @djazproductions
you can still call us on 07990626729 we will now answer witheld numbers as long as we know your going to call witheld.
you can now download a new mixtape for free on 
also we have had contact from new artists so new music is coming very soon on the new mixtape.

29th jan 2012 
first of all happy new year to all our customers fans visitors hope you had a great time and good luck for this year!
now just to say this website has been updated and changed again and we will update alot more regular we are still getting alot of fakes trying to join the website just so they can spam and its not on! but those who do ignore the warnings get ignored and not accepted 
DJ AZ has got 2 new album releases coming very soon and as we are feeling generous we are going to give them away for free yes 100% free to download if you want a cd copy we will also offer this for free but for a limited time so if you want a cd copy get your orders ready and email us!!!
mp3 album downloads will be ongoing and free until further updates.

the 2 new albums are going to be pandora's box and rise of the storm the classicals 2 new albums which contain some of the best new productions so far! 
so use the contact page for more info on how to get your copies.
19th nov 2011 
UPDATE due alot of fakes and spammers for new members to join you MUST contact us by phone email or text FIRST and use ONLY genuine ISP DEFAULT email NO gmail msn yahoo etc must be btinternet virginmedia etc NO exceptions

17th sept 2011 
Ok we have not had a update for a while been very busy with lots of projects including DJ AZ new album the uprising which is out to buy now 
other projects include a negotiation with a american label to help promote artists!! also networking with artists from all over the globe!!

lady dva doing new tracks working on another album 
now have soundcloud and linkedin and lots of other stuff the website will be getting a refit again very soon and with adverts from all over with events and stuff coming very soon and a new chatroom 

13TH JULY 2011
pages have got updates including sets times and days the promo page and the homepage will be updated as well 
we will be making more progress on the website soon 

9TH MARCH 2011 
UPDATE for the websites,shows,facebook etc
DJ AZ is working on a new album currently titled the uprising 
new tracks so far on the album the new hit single fool 2 love u ft heavy duty and gemma jay 
also currently working on house tracks and couple of hip hop tracks 
new jungle track being produced in reason 4 just got new software for producing magix and fl 9 so going to be using them as well now 

847 followers on twitter!! great support on there the more followers better the promotion and business 
dont forget if you want to know anything about the website just get in touch doesnt matter how small or complicated just ask!
07990626729 voicemail is on 24/7 phone is on 24/7 talk to our team 
this site is changed again just a small 1 for now!
facebook page and twitter updated nearly daily 860 followers!!!
UPDATE 13th december 2010
DJ AZ has uploaded a new trance track to soundclick called fox eyes
to hear the new track just go to the homepage and scroll down to the player
also the very best of DJ AZ album is now finished!!
to order your copy just email us on witht he subject best of and we will give you the info you need to buy the cd or you can get a sample cd by email your details to the same email address with your name address phone number or you can have a mp3 sample by contacting via msn via messenger not email please or call 07990626729 for more info
anyone interested in working for us please get in touch we have voluntary spaces as well if you want work experience
new track terrorism has been uploaded its a house track the website is updated again (7th sept 10)
The Streamline fm website has had a facelift and is now the other website is still running for the calender chatroom shouts and other info but to listen to the radio you need to visit the new stations website 12/7/2010
contact details have been updated AGAIN

sales are highest so far since april 09

phone calls regarding junk are lower but still get few

we would like to speak to anybody interested in working for DJ AZ Productions please call us on the numbers or email etc on the contact page.

you can also click the freeindex link and view vacancy details on there and get in touch via that website.


studio number and for more info 07990626729
contact lady dva on her sets by calling or texting 07888066879 from 8 till 12am only shouts and requests can be made by text beforehand
these msn are NOT for email sorry

DJ AZ Productions and Promotions Essex's number 1 for advertising promotion and sales in the business!!!
CALL US NOW ON 01206870024 OR 07990626729

new tracks now uploaded on from the new album me against you coming july 08
to buy a cd call 07990626729 or 01206870024 (07/05/09) updated

This is for our updates
10/10/07 ive updated all pages on the site where it was needed check out all the new information.
lots of tracks produced since my last u
 for information the tracks you can hear on the homepage is the lagoon from the album infiniti and the other track on other pages is in the distance to hear this track follow the link pages to go to our other website and hear other tracks update last year i now have over 12 albums another 4 since last posted on here so check them out on the soundclick link my newest tracks are in the deep, halo, xperimenz and up and away.

New tracks now uploaded

My new tracks are now uploaded to including my 1st ever drum and bass track go mad check them out
also a big thank you to the artist who have sent me demo cds websites coming soon those included are Bristol artist Ryan Burt and Hip hop artist Plain and Simple promotional link for indie/punk band The Three Minute Hereos
also now included on DJ AZ Presents WANTED Volume 2 Ryan Burt's track Amazed and also going to be included is a track by Plain and Simple Updated on 8/12/06

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